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  • John Smith's

    Resume Before

    Unfortunately, John came to us with a resume that lacked focus and clarity.


    His old document was disorganized, and struggled to "grab" the attention needed to stand out against the sea of other applicants.


    Most importantly, it missed the mark by "telling" what John did instead of "selling" what he accomplished.

    John Smith's

    Resume After

    Fortunately we were able to completely rebuild this resume, from the ground up.


    His new resume clearly defined his career narrative and positioned the best content front and center. 


    We retooled his qualifications to "sell" not "tell", in order to highlight value and outcomes vs historical lists of duties.

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    Arnold Anderson | Page 1

    Transitioning Teacher / Educator

    Arnold Anderson | Page 2

    Transitioning Teacher / Educator

    June Dos Santos

    Search Engine Optimization Specialist

    June Dos Santos | Page 2

    Search Engine Optimization Specialist

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